Looking For a Travel Handbag? Here Are Two Recommendations

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It’s 2018: the year of unorthodox presidential tweets, untimely celebrity deaths, and if you believe some influential stylists, it’s also the year the fanny pack returned to the fashion scene. (Look Gucci, you can try to re-brand this as a “bag belt” all you want, but those of us who lived through the 90’s know these were a fashion FAIL) Anyway, we’re guessing you’ve googled “best travel handbag” because you want something super functional but aren’t yet ready to disappoint your friends by wearing a fanny pack at the airport. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here are two travel bags that will hold all of your essentials as you trek across the planet.

(#1) The Morning Crossbody — Angela Roi — New York. $145.00 This is our absolute favorite. As a crossbody, it’s a perfect hands-free option, but it’s also stylish with a variety of colors to suit any season or personality. In addition, this bag will fit in an aircraft’s seatback pocket (along with the plane’s safety information card that you aren’t going to read). Trust us, on long international flights you really don’t want to take up your precious leg room with a purse the size of a toddler.

The quality of this bag is impeccable, and for those of you concerned about animal cruelty, it’s vegan. The bag will hold a passport wallet, sunglasses, phone, small e-reader, and some makeup quite comfortably. And when you finally arrive at your destination, this bag will go with almost any outfit, day or night.

Angela Roi Morning Crossbody

Morning Crossbody in Ivory

(#2) The Osprey Daylite Backpack – $50.00 Ok, we know what you’re thinking, “I’m looking for a handbag, not a backpack.” Our response to you is, are you sure? A backpack isn’t only for tree-hugging hikers—if you’re planning on doing a significant amount of shopping, carrying a lot of items, or walking long distances, a backpack is really the way to go. It will comfortably fit your DSLR camera, wallet, sunscreen, and any other items you may need during the day. This bag has been carried around the world, in urban areas as well as the wilderness, and it has never let us down. It’s super light weight, and doesn’t feel as hot against your back as other packs. This is a huge benefit if you are traveling in warmer climates. It’s offered in a wide range of colors, and at $50.00, it’s a steal.

The Osprey Daylite Travel Bag

We hope you will enjoy these bags as much as we have, but regardless of what bag you carry with you, we wish you safe travels and memorable experiences. Note: if you’re still considering a fanny pack after reading this, we obviously can’t help you.

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