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5 Tips For Flying Comfortably in Coach

The price difference between first class fare and traveling coach on an international trip can be quite substational. At the time this post was published, a round trip coach/economy flight from JFK to Dublin was $520.93 when booked four months in advance; on the same flight a first class ticket totaled $4366.36. Since most of

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Costa Rica: Why You Need to Go (The Reason May Surprise You)

            Costa Rica is an edenic, lush, and peaceful country. From the gorgeous beaches to the cloud forest of Monteverde, this is a country that has something to offer everyone. When friends ask where they can take their children on an international vacation—this country is always my first recommendation. It is safe. It is clean.

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3 Tips For Hiking The Wave

Pictures of The Wave are ubiquitous; if you’re a human who has internet access, chances are good that at some point you’ve come across the surreal sandstone images on your Microsoft wallpaper or on your best friend’s “Places to See Before I Die” Pinterest board. If you’ve convinced yourself that you would like to transition

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